How I earn 12%-15% annually, distributed monthly with private cannabis mortgage REITs

I currently earn $2,700+/mo on $300,000 (which is an ~11% annual return), distributed monthly, by investing in a private fund that provides mortgages to cannabis grow facilities. 

Talking about money, especially when intertwined with taboo topics such as Cannabis, are usually not spoken about openly. But if you’re an investor looking to grow your net worth and cashflow, I think it’s important to understand all the investment options you have on the table. 

In this episode of the Grow Your Cashflow Podcast, I interviewed Rob Sechrist, President of Pelorus Equity Group, the private cannabis mortgage REIT I’ve personally invested $300,000 into, to share… 

  • The mechanics of generating steady monthly income by investing in cannabis, just like I am

  • The 3 things investors believe are risks, but actually are non-issues

  • Why cannabis investments are a safe haven from interest rate volatility in today’s financial climate

  • And so much more!

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// About The Guests:
Rob Sechrist heads Pelorus Capital Group, a Newport Beach-based private equity firm revolutionizing the cannabis sector with specialized commercial real estate loans. Their mREIT, the Pelorus Fund, offers groundbreaking financing options and has raised over $540 million since 2010. The team has a track record of completing 73 deals that cover over 4.5 million square feet nationwide and have played a part in $5 billion worth of real estate investments.

Pascal Wagner is the founder of Grow Your Cashflow which was formed to help accredited investors learn how to earn consistent passive income from private placements. Previously, he was a Fund & Portfolio Manager at Techstars, making over 300 follow-on investments for the Techstars Ventures ‘17 and ‘21 Funds, he founded Walkthrough, which was acquired by PlanOmatic in 2019, he founded Online Ad Labs which was acquired by PosterBrain in 2016, and he has owned a growing portfolio of real estate properties across the United States since 2013.

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// Key Time Stamps & Topics
00:00 - Introduction to the Grow Your Cashflow Podcast
02:13 - Pascal Wagner: The misunderstandings surrounding investments in the cannabis industry
03:15 - Detailed explanation of the asset classes and why cannabis real estate offers diversification.
04:00 - Emphasis on the non-guaranteed returns in equity investments versus the more stable debt investments.
05:00 - Discusses the resilience of cannabis investments, even in economic downturns, and how cannabis tenants generate 10-15 times more revenue per square foot.
06:00 - The process of loan origination
07:30 - Outlines the structure of bridge lending in their fund, emphasizing the secured position they maintain throughout the investment process.
07:36 - Discusses the structure of their bridge lending program, detailing how they offer loans with real estate as collateral.
08:30 - Explains how additional security is obtained through collateral from cannabis operators.
10:00 - Addresses cannabis legality at the federal level, anticipating changes.
11:00 - State-specific licenses and Federal DEA licenses for cannabis, and the implications of both.
12:15 - Discusses the cannabis industry's current size, revenue and future potential.
13:45 - Discusses perceived risks by investors and their strategy for competing against traditional banks
15:13-Risk Profile in Cannabis Investments
16:15 - Tools to Compete against Banks
17:45 - Default Rate Vs. Loss Rate in the Cannabis Industry
18:30 - Cannabis Market Stabilization
19:15 - Polar Data Project for Market Capacity Analysis
21:15 - Utilizing Mean Average Data for Loans
23:13 - Discussing cannabis usage statistics and cultivation capacity
23:56 - Factors considered before granting loans for cannabis cultivation
24:44 - Explains how the team uses data and maps to make lending decisions
25:11 - Talks about cannabis laws and the different paths states have taken
26:01 - Shares his previous lending experience and the shift into cannabis
26:56 - The challenges faced in raising capital for the fund
28:12 - Explains the operational complexities of distributing returns
29:14 - Talks about the effect of COVID-19 on the fund’s growth and investor diversification
30:07 - Discusses changes made to cater to retail investors
31:15 - Rob discusses competition and net equity value.
32:09 - Risk and return scenarios of a specific investment example.
32:38 - Future shifts in the cannabis market.
33:22 - Department of Justice’s role in cannabis sector regulations.
34:43 - Expected changes in the federal tax return for cannabis businesses.
35:21 - Anticipated regulatory clarity in the cannabis sector.
35:43 - Influence of safe banking and legislative chokepoints.
37:01 - Rob on investment safety and risk mitigation strategies.
37:52 - Rob emphasizes the competitive advantage of their approach
37:52 - Rob on Flexibility of Fund Investments
38:22- Discussion on Fund Limitations for Investor Redemptions
39:29 - The Balance of Providing Liquidity Without Hampering the Fund
40:21 - How Market Volatility Affects Fund Liquidity
41:13 - Gating vs. Limiting: Understanding the Difference
41:52 - The Importance of Ample Cashflow for Fund Operations
42:53 - Interest Rate Impact on Borrowers and the Fund
43:39 - How T-Bills Affect Fund Attractiveness
44:05 - Risks of Not Holding T-Bills to Maturity
44:33 - Rob on Retail Investors Not Understanding Second-Order Risks
45:13 - Explains the concept of a 10-year T-bill and its yield.
45:58 - Introduces the concept of duration risk in the bond market.
47:43 - Highlights how community and regional banks are facing challenges due to duration risk.
48:54 - Discusses portfolio diversification and various types of assets.
50:31 - Raises the question of the future need for the workforce due to AI.
50:52 - Begins a story about a conversation with an NVIDIA executive.
54:50 - Outro

Creators and Guests

Pascal Wagner
Pascal Wagner
I help accredited entrepreneurs & executives in the US replace their primary income through private investments.
Rob Sechrist
Rob Sechrist
Rob Sechrist is the President of Pelorus Capital Group, a private equity firm specializing in commercial real estate loans for the cannabis sector, headquartered in Newport Beach, California. Their strategy involves offering a range of innovative transactional solutions to meet the diverse needs of real estate investors and portfolio managers, including value-add bridge and stabilized commercial real estate loans. Pelorus Fund, their Mortgage Real Estate Investment Trust (mREIT), has been a game changer in this space, providing flexible and timely financing options for cannabis-related real estat
How I earn 12%-15% annually, distributed monthly with private cannabis mortgage REITs
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